SITE AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT 

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the building trade, we now offer complete project/site management service.

You may have chosen in this instance to use another builder for your project.
No problem
We are still happy to project manage .

Building jobs can involve unforeseen pit-falls and difficulties; working in a foreign language can often be daunting. 

Jobs can involve a number of different artisans, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and builders.

We are here to provide you with a management service to help coordinate all the trades required under one control.
Keeping costs and completion dates to plan.

As well as complex planning permits, we can help you to understand all of the paper work. We provide architects to complete the planning to your requirements.

With our project management program we can take care of the entire job, from beginning to the end, A to Z. We understand how run a project and with the experience of our team of artisans to hand, having been in the trade in France since 2002 we can help with every step thats required.

What's included :

  - Artisans of all skills to contribute to estimates   - Quotes sent to the client with project managers translations and advice  - Dates and details of work put in place   - Weekly meetings between site manager and all artisans concerned  - Weekly reports to client and photos  - Summery of job and verification of all quoted work

We guarantee to make your building project run smoothly. 
If you would like more details on this service, feel free to contact us at any time.

We fit and supply new foss sceptic systems for new or 
excisting properties.

New build projects, wooden houses or the base for one,
Complete barn renovations or just a make over,

 EPS are here
to provide you with a complete profesional service.

For All Your Project Management Needs